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A few year’s ago American twins, Lynx and Lamb Gaede made international headlines as, at the behest of their racist/white supremacist Mother (“I prefer separatist, to call us superemicist, implies that we would have to live with other people in our communities and we don’t want to live with other people,”) April Gaede, they performed as the musical duo, Prussian Blue.

Jezebel checked in on the girls through Facebook and found, that although their mother was granted custody in her divorce, they are listed under their father’s name: Lingelser.

As Sadie Stein, the author of the post reports, “This could, of course, not mean anything much, but it should be noted that their father has publicly disowned all White Power sympathies and accused their mother of “brainwashing” the twins with hateful propaganda.

Many of us were heartened (well, when we weren’t nauseated by the rest of it) when, in a 2007 documentary, the teenage girls seemed unenthusiastic about their mother’s racist ideology. And a look at their Facebook profiles is more encouraging still: in addition to a number of indie bands, Lamb lists “Pandit Ravi Shankar” as a musical favorite and “Likes” medical marijuana advocates “Affordable Caregivers.” Sister Lynx, meanwhile, is a fan of the Roots, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Hendrix, among many others — definitely not choices that would meet with their mother’s approval. Another “Like?” “Not Having George Bush as President.” Glaring in its absence is any mention of White Power or National Alliance music like Tribute to Bunker 84, United Blood or the White Devils.”


Good news that both girls appear to have wriggled out from under their mother’s heinous influence.

she seems as unrepentantly vicious and bonkers as ever. In a recent interview she said:”I wouldn’t condemn him for killing a talk show host who was Jewish. Sometimes some people who commit genocide a lot of ways against your race and one of the ways you can do it is with your voice and when Alan Berg, (the victim) spoke, he did things that were worse than the men who killed him. (The victim) was a nasty-mouthed little Jew. Hey, let’s talk about my dating service.”

Which is what April is applying her considerable energies to now, because “white people are an endangered species.”

Poor little Lamb ‘n Lynx and poor younger sis, Dresden, Thanksgiving can’t be much fun around that dinner table.

Via Jezebel.

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