What a very strange blog this is. and for what a strange group of ice-cool hipster people. EDC describes itself thusly: "Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness."

What it's tribesmen and women do, is empty, (allegedly,) the contents of their pockets on a nice trendy background, photograph and document them. Then send them in. Of course, they do not appear to carry tattered tampons, three cellphones, old dummies, spare nappies, wet wipes and lost parking stubs, on their person. No. These are clearly refugees from Mommy blogs, Pinterest and clutter. These people are disciplined and edited. And a LOT of them appear to carry knives.

I post, for your edification, education and amsument, the caption that accompanies this submission, in it's entirety. " submitted by Ola H Curtiss Knives Nano V2 Framelock Atwood Larva a-Jays Four earphones Iphone in Magpul field case Seiko Black Monster Wedding band Car keys Gum EagleTac D25C Mini Ti Saddleback Leather classic wallet Editor’s Note: You carry some interesting gear here, nice! Your EDC folder has a nice design, I’m sure the ergonomics and feel in hand are good, and the blade shape looks plenty useful too. I see you also have one of the new titanium EagleTac lights. They look good for their price range but I was disappointed to hear it was a twisty light. Nice Black Monster, it’s a very fitting piece for the rest of your gear. Your keys are kept minimal but it looks like you have to pocket carry that, I hope it doesn’t bulge up too much. Lastly, good looks on that wallet — very durable leather and it should carry pretty slim too. Thanks for sharing!"

AND THEN THE EDITOR REVIEWS THE SUBMISSIONS! "submitted by Chris My typical EDC clockwise * Hamilton Khaki Field Auto * Survival Bracelet * Luminox Navy Seal Colormark with Maratac Bond Nato Strap * Saddleback Leather Wallet in Tobacco Brown * Nikon AW100 * Inspire 4g * Burts Bees * A&P Key Ring from Countycomm, Fenix E15 Flash Light I use this all the time for work (At 29.95 this is a great value), CR123 Derlin Battery Locker from Countycomm + Spare Battery, Paracord Key Fob I made * Spyderco Paramilitary 2 C81GBK2 (New edition which replaces my Benchmade 585 Mini-Barrage) * Zebra F-701 Pen Editor’s Note: Very cohesive carry here, I can see each piece is very rugged. I love that blacked out Para 2, such a great mid/large EDC blade. Your watches complement each other nicely and are good pieces individually. The Luminox fits right in with the rugged motif you have, as do the ever popular stainless steel Zebra F701 and the Saddleback wallet. Furthermore, your P&S camera looks like an interesting option for EDC as it’s shockproof and waterproof (very cool~). I like how you manage your keychain too — with that many keys, the aircraft cable ring is a good way to go, and I like the primary light and backup battery with it. You could perhaps replace your phone with one of these and achieve ultimate ruggedness but for now, your carry is looking good. Thanks for sharing."

" submitted by Joe LG Cosmos - Crappy, but it works. Just haven’t felt the need to upgrade to a smartphone yet. Bandana - 101 uses. Leatherman Wave - As anyone who owns one knows, once you have one, you can stand to go for a day without carrying it. Bic Lighter Streamlight Microstream - Perfect little EDC light. Moleskin Volant notebook. Zebra F-701 pen. Just plain awesome. Sanrenmu 763 folding knife - 8cr13MOV steel, G10 handles, axis lock, and dirt cheap. Can’t recommend this knife enough. Keys on a boring carabiner. Not pictured: Wallet, smokes. Editor’s Note: Here’s a well-rounded carry with some pretty affordable pieces (in contrast to some earlier, more controversial submissions). The Streamlight and Zebra pen are very popular in EDC circles for their simplicity, durability and price points. To be honest, I’m pretty impressed with my SanRenMu knife too and for the price, they make great beater knives. Bandana, BIC and carabiner aren’t anything fancy but they get the job done fairly well. I’d say the Leatherman is more on the pricey side but it’s a solid investment and very favorably reviewed. Thanks for an example of an EDC system that doesn’t break the bank and is a bit more accessible to those on a budget or those who are looking for more easily replaceable tools. Looks like the setup should work well, so keep it up." I LOVE the little home rooom teacher-esque comments from the editor. Just love them!

Minimalist. " submitted by D Park Great site….A daily reader with my morning coffee. I’m a car designer and appreciate honest, functional design. Items comprised is my special carry. Damasko DA36 with Maratac 20mm Two Piece Nylon Band Small Sebenza Double Lug Haiku XML 6V Editor’s Note: Mmm, dat design. A Chris Reeve and McGizmo is one of the most coveted pairings of blade and light you could have. Very great pieces and an excellent example of engineering, design, materials, aesthetics and attention to detail. Thanks for sharing."

OH. wait. There may be a SOH. here. "Editor’s Note: Interesting setup there. I notice your wallet has a chain, which is a good idea to maintain maximum retention, especially if you are particularly conspicuous about how much money you have on you at any given time. With that said, it seems the wallet size, despite being at the maximum size for comfortable pocket carry, is insufficient for holding all of your cash. Judging by your method of retaining cash (such as rubber bands or friction and gravity) I would suggest investing in a larger moneyclip (perhaps the Superiortitanium Viper would serve you well) or even a small to medium-sized satchel with a $ symbol on it. They say time is money, and you have plenty of it, so it’s good that you wear a watch to manage all of that. I like the extra large lighter too — it should last longer at the expense of pocket space, but perhaps you have more to work with than the average EDCer. I must applaud your abundance of backups. You have not one, not two, but three phones because when there’s an app for everything, who needs tools? Lastly, it’s most evident that you subscribe to the “two is one; one is none” adage with your dual-chain carry (and even moreso reflected in your name). While nice pieces, I would say your firearm would not be the most effective in self-defense despite being easily accessible as a necker."

And of course: "submitted by starstreak Great blog! I’m japanese photographer. here’s my carry : * Sinn UX S GSG9 * Sony Ericsson Xperia arc * Keys * Leatherman Style PS * Nitecore EX11.2 Editor’s Note: Thanks for the kind words. Also, thanks for putting a brief description of what you do and where you’re from to put the carry into perspective. It makes sense that you carry a bladeless multitool due to Japanese knife laws. I see you keep your light on a wrist lanyard, which is nice for retrieval and retention when in use. If you want a different carry solution, there are actually some aftermarket titanium pocket clips that carry nice and deep if you’d want to go that route. Lastly, the real standout of this carry is that Sinn! Looks great all around, thanks for sharing."

This guy is a regular: "submitted by PiterM Just my recent weekend EDC: - Emerson CQC7 (with custom backspacer) - Fellhoelter folder-bottle opener (for fine cutting tasks) - Atwood PryBaby tool (with Strider pivot key) - Ti folding spork - BIC lighter - G-Shock - iPhone (doubles as emergency flashlight) - Spartan pen (impact device) - Field Notes - refreshment mini-towel - BUSHIDO pendant - GF1 camera with 14/2.5 lens (very handy and gives MUCH better image quality than ANY compact camera, especially in low-light. And still small enough for EDC) Editor’s Note: Nice loadout as always, Piter. I especially like the spork and friction folder/bottle opener as I don’t see those very often, very cool! Even though this loadout might look a little on the heavy side it still remains coherent set of tools for a relaxing weekend outside or something. I also forgot how good a simple G-Shock can be for an EDC watch, I might have to pick one up soon. Thanks for sharing."

Just one more:

submitted by Matthew From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Apple iPhone Verizon 2. Hamilton Khaki Filed Auto 38mm on Maratac strap 3. Victorinox Cadet Red Alox on Munroe Dangler 4. Rotring 600 Lava ballpoint pen with Fisher refill 5. Rite In The Rain notebook 6. The Hill-Side Indogo Selvedge Chambray pocket square 7. Kawatako Brass Keyhook with Makr Bottle Key 8. Makr One Wallet There are other items I EDC, but this is the stuff that is in my pockets on a daily basis. Editor’s Note: Nice loadout. It’s streamlined and non-threatening while boasting both utility and style. Each piece individually is awesome and together they’re very coherent. I like the suspension clip/dangler on the Alox Cadet for better pocket carry. Great Rotring too. I notice you don’t carry a light, but I’m assuming your phone’s LED would suffice for your typical everyday environments. One last thing is that your bottle opener key is still a blank cut — I can’t really tell if the key behind it is the same size/blank but if it is you could minimize bulk and weight by combining keys. Otherwise, good work, thanks for sharing."

I don’t know about you, but it made my day.

And it was one of TIME’s Best Blogs of 2011.





  1. Rene March 26, 2012 at 09:30 #

    How often do you need a knife in everyday happenings (if you are not Bear Grylls)?

  2. Mimi March 26, 2012 at 13:28 #

    Lol @ Rene “Bear Grylls”.

    I love this. I want to upload mine:
    Year-old fizz pop,
    Yaz packet with three skipped days this month and sticky tape over the ones that looked like they were going to fall out,
    Marcel’s loyalty card with six stickers (four more and a free frozen yoghurt),
    Scratched sunnies,
    Scratched Blackberry,
    Lip gloss that doesn’t seal properly and leaked on everything else,
    Migraine cocktail in an envelope,
    75 rusty bobby-pins,
    iPod with no battery charge,
    Plastic lid of the deodorant I can’t find,
    Tampons in three sizes,
    An apple of indeterminate age,
    Plastic Bic pen,
    Receipts that I am supposed to keep for work but are now at the bottom of my handbag,
    Phone charger for a phone I no longer own
    7 shiny red foil chewing gum wrappers (no actual gum) and last but not least
    R75 in copper coins.

    Lets see what the hipsters make of that!

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