HURRICANEVANESSA is a South African blog about the world of popular culture.

HV is in a love/hate relationship with fashion and celebrities …and in an embarrassing love/love relationship with cute animals.

HV is not 16 anymore and isn’t only about handing out advice on what to do if the guy doesn’t call¬† – there’s more to life than Saturday night!

HV is always on the side of feisty, opinionated women.

HV is not very respectful and, not always “nice.”¬† (Sometimes, some things, just have to be said!)

HV is not intentionally mean-spirited but does not suffer fools, pseuds or frauds, lightly.

HV is always happy to hear from readers. Positive or negative, feedback is feedback.

But, more than anything HV wants to have fun.

If you’ve got 5 minutes, have a coffee, check in, talk back …

We’d love to hear from you.

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