A definite contender for Worst Red Carpet Look Of The Year. Sorry XTina. Wigging out.

Trinny and Susannah would have had a bit to say about this Fashion Abomination. All I will say is feathers are in, and this is the colour of next year. Pray for us, people, pray for us.

Natasha Bedingfield as an explosion of pond fungus.

The best worst thing about this K Stew horror? The Anti-Camel-Toe Modesty Shield. Joy.

Cate Blanchett in a first year fashion student’s failed fashion project. Kind of her to support the yoof.

Christina Hendricks wore a brothel keeper’s sofa.

Jin Jin at Cannes, demonstrating a … Cannes Don’t.

It didn’t work for Celine Dion, It didn’t work for Sharon Stone. It did not work here.

The answer to the question, How to wear that embossed leotard thing that appeared on so many covers this year? And it is “Don’t.”

Like The Gloss said: ” Lucy Hale arrived at the People’s Choice Awards embodying everything that’s wrong with modern day red carpet dressing. This is all short for the sake of short, sparkly for the sake of sparkly, asymmetrical for the
sake of being asymmetrical, dumb for the sake of being dumb.”

Tangerine Tango was the colour of the year. so Fergie wore it on her face, her hair, her dress.

The shoes. The hair. The dress. The … whole thing. Demi Lovato? Sigh

Glenn Close looks like a riding teacher on her big night out. People who ride horses will know what I mean.

The Gloss is very good at this stuff: “K im Kardashian is always reliably worst dressed. Anywhere. And even though she started dating Kanye West and now slaps Margiela boots on her feet when she wears fugly micro minis, she still looks like a Kardashian. Too pinched, too pulled, too tight, too tacky.
This, however, was the most remarkable clash of Kim’s bad taste and a venue’s circumstance: the White House Correspondents Dinner.”

Lindsay Lohan looks like she should be on a prow of an ancient boat. If only she’d get her tits out. Oh. Wait. Sideboob.

She couldn’t walk in this. The end.

I am not altogether sure who Aubrey O’Day is. It is probably better for my health that it stays that way.

This is Melody Thornton. And this is really THE END.

Thank you The Gloss.



  1. edee December 13, 2012 at 14:18 #

    I think K-Stew takes it, her and her fucking annoying weird windswept to the side hair.

  2. C.D. Blair December 14, 2012 at 02:34 #

    Christina Hendricks would look good in a hefty trash bag, in no matter what she wore.

  3. Loudine December 14, 2012 at 03:09 #

    That… That last chick… She is naked. O_o
    We have finally reached the level of children’s stories.

  4. Mimi December 23, 2012 at 00:23 #

    O.M.G I must be growing up. There is not a single one there that I like and I usually have already worn half of the worst dressed list!

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